Top Dawgs Powerlifting Open, July 2019.

Top Dawgs Powerlifting Open, July 2019.

Javier diaz

Growing up, Javier was exposed to Physiotherapy as a patient since he participated in and had injuries from basketball, soccer, track and field, and cross country. These exposures led to an understanding and desire to learn more about the human body and rehabilitation. In his undergraduate years, he was exposed to Physiotherapy in a hospital setting with vulnerable populations. Here, he was able to appreciate how meaningful this work is for those in need and also how broad yet specific Physiotherapy could be.

These experiences shaped why Javier chose Physiotherapy: The first confirmed his passion for learning and teaching the human body as a whole - particularly anatomy and neurology, and how injuries can occur. The latter illustrated how powerful physical activity is, and how valuable it is for a provider to maintain a high level of energy for those who are struggling to find some themselves.

As such, Javier’s practice is centred around the client’s experience. He wants to make sure that your concerns are addressed, that you understand your condition and the treatment plan, that the plan aligns with your goals, and that you feel comfortable at all times. Javier believes that in order for a client to be empowered they must understand their condition enough to self-manage. In order to achieve any of these, he believes that clear and concise communication must be present throughout the episode of care.

As mentioned in the “Our Team” section, Javier has a growing repertoire of tools for treating his clients. He is thrilled to learn acupuncture and has witnessed how effective it can be. He plans on learning and acquiring new skills for as long as he is treating people.

When Javier is not in the clinic, he can be found at the gym working to improve his squat/bench/deadlift, reading, playing basketball, or hanging out with his family and friends.

Fun Facts About Javier:

  • He was born and raised in Venezuela - he and his family arrived to London, ON when he was 11.

  • Not surprisingly, he can speak and write Spanish at an advanced level.

  • He placed 2nd for the 83kg weight class on his first ever Powerlifting competition in July 2019.

  • His favourite book is “The Alchemist” by Paolo Coehlo, and his favourite movie is “The Prestige”.

  • He has injured just about every joint in his body - this comes in handy when treating clients.